Some of the most amazing contributions to emerge from the original Home for The Sea Project were the stories people shared. It caused this Foundation to realize just how important it is to provide a vehicle to continue that. HFTS is committed to working with the community of Elliston to recapture its stories and discover stories of province-wide significance that add to our collective identity and sense of place. Below are just a few of the gems we’ve captured. We encourage you to contribute your stories so that we may share them.


My Father's Arms

In 1914 there was a tremendous loss of life for Newfoundlanders, not from any battle of war, but from a cruel battle with nature on the North Atlantic ice floes. Let us now remember the cry of our fallen sealers, especially that of Reuben and Albert John Crewe. For my tribute, I’ve included a few lines of poetry taken from “I’ll Bring You Home… Read more

The Late Charlie Martin's Story of Surviving

One of Elliston's survivors of the S.S.Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of 1914 was (Charles) Charlie Martin. Below is a story that the late Samuel Ryan wrote in 1962 after the interview he had with Mr. Martin who was one of the four men and boys from Elliston who survived this terrible disaster. He was sixty-six years of age at the time of this… Read more

Stowaway: John Antle’s Story

My dad was 15 years old when he stowed away on the SS Newfoundland. He had sea water in his veins and was eager to earn his keep, to help out his brothers and sisters. We're not sure how Dad found his way onto the ship, though he probably hid under a life-raft or in the twine-cellar once aboard. He did so without his family knowing. My dad did… Read more